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  Monday 20/02/2017
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Churches of Palaio Faliro

The Holy Diocese of Nea Smyrni, in which all the parishes of Palaio Faliro belong to, was established in 1974 (N.L. 411-134/16.5.1974) with Nea Smyrni as the See. The first Metropolitan Bishop was Chrysostomos A' (1986) who was succeeded by Agathangelos, the Bishop of Didimotiho and Orestiada. The Holy Diocese of Nea Smyrni is now under the pastorate of Metropolitan Bishop Symeon Koutsas, who came after the late Agahtangelos and was consecrated in October 2002.
Here is a short list of the Churches in Palaio Faliro:

1. The oldest church of P. Faliro is the chapel of St. George in Xirotagaro, next to the Nautical Tradition Museum. It's a small single-aisled church (8,5x9,5m), built, most probably, during the Turkish Occupation, in the area known as Three Towers and renovated in 1985.

2. The large church of Aghios Alexandros, in the corner of Ag.Alexandrou 14 and Alkyonis St., is the cathedral of Palaio Faliro. It was an impressive building and very popular for weddings. Among many decorative elements, the church had seven portable icons, created by Costas Parthenis in 1916, at the expense of the Kontostavli. The church was rebuilt 40 years later. The architect Kidoniatis (+2001) designed a really avant-garde church, a rotunda-type building without supportive columns and pillars. The religious paintings of the temple have been created by the painter Georgandas. The wall paintings have been made by I.D.Karousos and K.Pantzis from Kavasila and were paid by Pavlos Athanassiadis. Ms Aikaterini Apostolaki also gave some of her paintings for the financial support of the church. Next to Aghios Alexandros there is the Aghia Fotini chapel, painted by Gerasimos Kerkyraios.

3. The church of the Assumption of the Virgin (Panagitsa) on Achilleos st. 30, is a large impressive church that copies the prototype of Aghia Sophia in Istanbul. The first church was built in 1930 and burned down in 1969.

In the block including the streets Tritonos, Alkyonis, Ploutonos and Zaimi, the first wooden Temple that burnt in 1969 was replaced, in 1972, by the picturesque Chapel of Panagitsa (the Small Panagitsa), built among the tall buildings but in a nice natural environment with the assistance of the charitable people of Palaio Faliro. This small church was built according to the architectural plans and technical proposals of the civil engineer Vassilis Politakos and his associates. It has not been painted yet, however the parishioners honor this Holy Chapel and often take the initiative to perform the Mass and the holy Evening Service in an especially devout atmosphere.

4. The church of Aghia Varvara of the Poor gave its name to the homonymous neighborhood of Palaio Faliro. It is situated on the Aghia Varvara Avenue 110 and it is surrounded by a square. Initially, around 1936, there was a wooden chapel and the church, in its present byzantine order, was completed in 1965.

5. The small church of Taxiarches is situated at the corner of Lavras and Diagora streets in Aghia Varvara. The construction began by Eleni Petousi in memory of her lost son and it stopped during the German Occupation. The reconstruction of the church started in 1979.

6. The church of Aghia Kiriaki on Amfitheas Avenue 60, was established in 1955 as a private wooden church. In 1957 became a parish church and in 1964 was built in its present form.

7. The Parish Church of Aghioi Anargyroi

8. The small church of Aghia Triada in Amfithea, in the Lalaounis estate, was built in 1924 and belongs to Aghia Kiriaki.

9. The small church of Petros and Pavlos is situated in the municipal cemetery of Palaio Faliro.

10. The small church of Aghia Skepi, close to the Delta Square, was built right after the 2nd World War in the 202 State Aircraft Factory. Today it belongs to the Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

11. The chapel of the Ascension of Christ on the corner of Ivis and Naiadon St., belongs to the Christian Youth Foundation "Pantokratoras" and has been painted by Ritsos.

12. The small church of Aghia Paraskevi on Kronou St., Has been built by the Dafnos family.

13. The small church of Panagia Mirtidiotissa, on Proteos St., is a church for the old-calendar followers.

14. The Catholic Chapel of the Virgin Mary's Metastasis is situated on the corner of Terpsichoris and Naiadon St.

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Municipality of P. Faliro
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